Let us save my sister’s eyes

I think this is my most emotional blog post. I am not really into writing my personal issues because I’d prefer sharing happy things in public now. But, I hope through this, I can really help my sister. I love her so much and I want to bring back the smile on her face.

My sister, Pebbles, needs to go through an eye surgery next week.

Just a little bit about her…She is a swimmer, a swimming coach, a rower, and an interior designer. She inspired me in the field of arts and taught me a lot in life. She lost her child before… now, let us help her not to lose her sense of sight. Let us help her so that she can continue her passion of teaching children and bring beauty through her designs.

te pebz.pngI took this photo about 2 years ago… back when I can still put eye make up on her.

I am not so sure how I can help her. I wanted to promote selling Mary Kay products so that the proceeds will go to my sister. I am not sure if it’s a good thing to do though.

Anyway, Her friends shared this and I want to share it too…


We are knocking to your kind hearts as our  Pebbles Panaligan needs our help as she urgently needs to undergo eye surgery due to advanced glaucoma.

Advanced glaucoma is an eye condition that if not acted immediately will result to blindness. Her left eye is getting worse, while the right eye was also damaged. And without immediate medical attention, this will worsen.

Its hard for us to imagine that each day becomes a countdown of her seeing a dimmer sunshine, a darker moon, a murky horizon as she looks at us in blurry motions.

And so we ask your generosity to this urgent request to help our ate who is in need of prayers… and financial help.

Aside from surgery expenses, once funds are raised, she will need money to sustain her medicines for her daily needs as she will need to take work leaves while she recuperates, as another operations takes place again to retard the condition of blindness.

We knock again to your kind hearts to please do find time to share this as well.


If you’d like to help, kindly leave a comment or message me.




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