LURN: Earn online

I just finished a webinar on It's really interesting but I don't have the capital to join yet But I really believe in the power of affiliate marketing Who here have tried and joined LURN?



I decided to go home because I thought I'd just buy food nearby to save on money. Plus, to give food to my mom. But as soon as I enter our gate and while I'm eating now, all I hear are angst, loud voices, hate and hurt. What a great lunch right? I hope you're … Continue reading Lunch

Day 3 Another War

Another good day? Not so for me. Just when you are about to do something great and positive. Demons keep on blocking  They try to put me down. Let me hear worst things...make me feel so emotional.  You demons can't stop me.



Before I sleep, I'd like to thank the Lord for still giving me this day.  Yes, I cried. I got scared. I heard hurtful things. But that's part of life.  Tomorrow, there may be more sorrow. But let's pray that we receive more blessings. #vision2020 #roadtosuccess #projectk #mustbelexie


Day 2 Hear me out

I decided to make this as my daily journal. Well, this is all about sharing and I'd like to share my life. Yes, I'm not so ok now. I'm in trouble. But I need to let this out and have a solution rather than just breakdown and cry. Again, I'm so tired. Even the closest … Continue reading Day 2 Hear me out


Failure and Death

I haven't written anything for months because I was focused on my new career as a freelance hair and makeup artist. I did it because I wanted to pursue my passion. I loved making people feel more beautiful about themselves. I also loved to teach, share my knowledge, that's why I had several free makeup … Continue reading Failure and Death


Let us save my sister’s eyes

I think this is my most emotional blog post. I am not really into writing my personal issues because I'd prefer sharing happy thingsĀ in public now. But, I hope through this, I can really help my sister. I love her so much and I want to bring back the smile on her face. My sister, … Continue reading Let us save my sister’s eyes