LURN: Earn online

I just finished a webinar on It's really interesting but I don't have the capital to join yet But I really believe in the power of affiliate marketing Who here have tried and joined LURN?



I decided to go home because I thought I'd just buy food nearby to save on money. Plus, to give food to my mom. But as soon as I enter our gate and while I'm eating now, all I hear are angst, loud voices, hate and hurt. What a great lunch right? I hope you're … Continue reading Lunch


Before I sleep, I'd like to thank the Lord for still giving me this day.  Yes, I cried. I got scared. I heard hurtful things. But that's part of life.  Tomorrow, there may be more sorrow. But let's pray that we receive more blessings. #vision2020 #roadtosuccess #projectk #mustbelexie